Though the very first use of atomic energy (sixty years ago) represented the most tragic and painful experience in recent history, yet the subsequent extensive useful applications of nuclear science and technology ranks them among the most peaceful outstanding  achievements of mankind. Nuclear science and technology plays at present a great role in the welfare of human beings.

Egypt had very early, the vision to foresee the importance of embarking  into the atomic age, and the vital role of the peaceful atomic energy applications in her development programmes. The Egyptian Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1955. It then developed over years to be the country’s leading institution in promoting the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology in practically  all aspects of human life in Egypt. This covers fields of health, food, agriculture, environment, water resources, oil and mineral resources and a good spectrum of the industry.
Egypt is also  a sincere advocate of nuclear non-proliferation and is committed to all international agreements prohibiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
In the past two decades, and under the state leadership of President Hosni Mubarak and the persistent support of the Ministry of Electricity, the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) has embarked into the implementation of big nuclear projects, aiming at maximizing the practical peaceful applications of nuclear technology. This included Egypt’s second  multipurpose reactor, the cyclotron accelerator, advanced irradiation facilities, the national network of radiation monitoring…etc.

In this 50th anniversary of establishing the Atomic Energy Authority, we find this occasion, scientists, administrators andworkers an  opportunity to evaluate our achievements and look with hope into the future. We commit ourselves to work sincerely and hard for planning and implementation of ambitious and achievable programmes aiming at maximizing the use of peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology for the benefit of our great country.
I hope this booklet, which briefly outlines major activities of the EAEA will be helpful to those concerned with the applications of nuclear science and technology in Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Aly Islam Metwally Aly



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