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                                                                                            Nuclear Research Center


This is the eldest and the biggest research institute in the EAEA. It is located in Inshas and   its activities are directed towards the basic nuclear  sciences, reactors,  nuclear and reactor  materials, electronic instrumentation and the applications of radioisotopes in medicine,  industry, agriculture… etc



               National Center for Radiation Research & Technology

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This centre was established in 1972 this center aims at promoting research and development using ionizing radiation in medical, industrial, agricultural, environmental, and other applications.

Major research and service facilities in the centre include the Mega Gamma Irradiation Unit and the Electron Beam Accelerator.



                                                                               Hot Lab & Waste Managment Center

This Centre was established in 1980. The center aims at the development of expertise in the fields of Radwaste treatment as well as radioisotope production for various medical  and industrial applications.
                                                                               Egypt Second Research Reactor

                                            In 1997, the EAEA acquired an advanced research reactor (ETRR-2). 
                                           This reactor is a multi purpose reactor, open pool type, 22MW thermal power
                                            purchased from INVAP Argentina. The reactor is a powerful tool for various      
                                           research and applications. Several experimental and production facilities
                                           are installed  to  meet the requirements of various utilization groups            
                                           including universities, research institutes, industry, and medical organizations.